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Investment, Tax planning, private Trust & Succession planning, Consolidation of Assets in the entire spectrum, Investment accounting / Book-keeping, Insurance, facilitate your social responsibility gesture, Concierge, etc.

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Our Approach

Choose the Very Best for our Clients and establish a Gold standard in ethics and honesty


Investment, Trust & Succession planners as well as facilitation of Tax advice, Book-keeping, Concierge, Investment banking/due diligence and Insurance.

Private Wealth Management

We are obligated to be fair to one entity which is your CAPITAL. Our endeavour is to provide the complete roadmap for your Capital from Growth to Protection to Succession plan.

Meet Professionals


Vikram Sengupta

Vikram Sengupta

Masters in Economics

MBA from IIM Calcutta

Work exposure of about 2 decades including MNCs in USA, UK and India

In depth exposure to Indian capital market

Dilip Balakrishnan

Dilip Balakrishnan

Fellow member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India

Bachelor of Laws

Work exposure of over 3 decades including IT industry and MNC banks with over 2 decades in the Wealth Management space

Private Trust & Succession planning specialist

Our Global Reach

Our Clients are based onshore and offshore – there is no geographical constraint, especially as the World is accessible with the click of a button.



Simple to understand, but difficult to implement model of What to BUY & When to BUY? No in-house product, thus ensuring no product push without merit. We keep in mind the four critical aspects namely, Risk, Return, Tax & Liquidity. Consolidation and tracking is imperative and we offer these services.


Tax planning

It is the central component of our offering and hence want to be your GO-TO Entity for everything related to Tax including basic functions like Book-keeping, Tax filing to complex transactions along with Legal representation. Proactive tax advice through an expert could help plan well in advance before large transactions like sale/purchase of assets, business, etc.

Family Trust

Private family Trust

Protect Wealth in a Private Family Trust. HNIs in India realize the need for private family Trusts. It helps in protecting the Wealth and passing it on to the next generation. Trust can own a business entity and pass on the same in your desired manner. It could be a ‘virtual parent’ for children.

Success Plan


Pan, avoid disharmony and disputes. We assist you in your succession plan through asset ownership pattern, nominations, joint holding, etc. and synchronize with that of a Will, to enable smooth flow. We also facilitate transmission of Wealth to the next generation.


Family Office

As part of our offering, we also help consolidate and maintain a list of all your family assets, investment accounting, etc. so as to be the one-point-contact for the family. Concierge would be available as part of our services in due course – ‘convenience at reach’.



End-to-end solutions for health-care, life, vehicles and other assets through our preferred veterans in the field of Insurance. There are a number of options for Insurance in India. We have a five-decade experienced family of Insurance experts to cater to all your insurance needs including help in choosing optimal insurance plans, assist in claims and related work.


Social Responsibility

We understand your desire to ‘give’ and our tie-ups with those who are directly involved in Charitable causes would enable you to reach out to the needy.


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